About Me

Profile picHi I’m Tim Kinnane, a developer and technical strategy consultant specialising in user interface development and data integrations for web apps and sites. If that sounds like jargon to you, mostly I build sites with WordPress then add bells and whistles.

Working with online business since 2001, my proudest achievements have been helping self starters grow from boxing products in their garage to opening warehouses shipping internationally. In the past few years I’ve found a niche with organisations focused on building a sustainable economy, like Landcare and the Centre for Policy Development, to improve performance and better connect with their audience.

Lately under the banner of Nested Code I’ve been sharing the lessons I picked up working with agencies and experimenting with emerging technologies in my field.

Get in touch if you want to work with me, or just to share your thoughts.

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Contact Me

skype: timkinnane
If you'd like to meet, I'm usually around Abbottsford, VIC

I'm available for

  • Short term development team support. Ask for a day rate (in-house or remote).
  • Wordpress theme and plugin development, in a team or self directed.
  • Contract work, bespoke design and development from strategy to implementation.